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Date: 13th May 2016
Fiber Laser Welding Machine
Zhejiang Tihi Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading fiber laser welding machine suppliers in China,Website:http://www.tihilaser.com, welcome to buy our high quality automatic laser welding machine, machinery laser welding, sanitary laser welding machine, hardware laser welding machine, metal arts battery laser welding machine and check the price and quotation with our factory. FiberLaserWeldingMachine W1111.With high ratio of Depth to Width, small heat affected zone,slightly deformation,and fast welding spee2.Easy operation, no need any polishing work after welding.3.Fiber Laser generator with a high conversion rate,over about 30%, and low power consumption4.Free maintenance, the electronics served long life time.5.High welding quality, no bubbles that can reduce and optimize the impurity.6.Ealized the welding between different materials.7.Realized the dotted welding, overlapping welding and sealed welding. Technical Parameters hnical Parameters Mode No.: W111-200 W111-500 W111-800 Laser Power: 200W 500W 800W Laser Wavelength: 1070nm Working Mode: Continuous wave or modulation Beam Quality: 1.1 1.1 1.15 Output Power Stability: ?2% Welding Line Width: 0.04mm - 0.2mm Driving Mode: Precision lead screw Working Area: 200mm*200mm-300mm*600mm Working Temperature: 15??35? Power Apply: AC220V/30A Total Power: ?2KW ?3KW ?4KW Cooling: Water Cooling Net Weight: 320Kg 330Kg 350Kg Dimension?LXWXH?? 920mm X 1120mm X 1700mm Equipment ApplicationsWidely apply in industry of machinery, motor fitting, sanitary, hardware, electronic components, metal arts and battery.
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