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Date: 13th May 2016
CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Zhejiang Tihi Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading co2 laser marking machine suppliers in China,Website:http://www.tihilaser.com, welcome to buy our high quality un-metal laser marking equipment, leather laser marking machine, fabric laser marking machine, plastic laser marking machine, paper laser marking machine, shoes laser marking machine, wood laser marking machine and check the price and quotation with our factory. CO2MarkingMachine M204 The CO2 laser is a gas laser, wavelength is 10.6um, with CO2 gas substances. CO2 and other gas-filled discharge tubes, high voltage on the electrodes, tube light discharge, emit laser and laser energy for laser amplification process will be released. Co2 laser marking machine adopts high-speed galvanometer scanning, high performance imported RF laser, high speed,precision, stable performance, can work for 24 hours.Control software using the WINDOWS interface, multiple graphics software CorelDRAW, Auto CAD and other compatible output files, which can carry out various kinds of graphics, text and bar?code tag, supports a variety of commonly used graphics, text formatting, such as PLT, PCX, BMP, DXF etc, direct use of SHX?TTF fonts. Technical Parameters Mode No.: M204-30 M204-60 M204-100 Laser Output Power: 30W 60W 100W Laser Wavelength: 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm Pulse Repetition Frequency: ?20KHz ?25KHz ?100KHz Marking Range: 110mmX110mm/175mmX175mm/260mmX260mm(??? Mini Line Width: 0.08mm Repetition Precision: ?0.01mm Total Power: 1.2 KW 2.2 KW 4.5 KW Marking Depth: ?3mm ?5mm ?8mm Mini Character: 0.2mm 0.3mm 0.4mm Marking Speed: ?8000mm/S Power Supply: 220V/50Hz/8A 220V/50Hz/10A 220V/50Hz/20A Cooling Air Cooling Water Cooling Water Cooling Net Weight: 75KG Dimension: 600mm X 800mm X 1400mm Equipment ApplicationsThis equipment suitable for marking the non-metal or partial metal, such as bamboo, woods, ABS paper, PVC, leather,glasses,rubber and so on, applied to a variety of industries like food,medicine and beverage package, clock and glasses, printing and arts.
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